Yves Florack
Industrial Designer

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Social Design

2010 Autumn (3 weeks+)

Client Keep an Eye Foundation

Briefing The social gap between the elderly generation and the rest of society is growing by the day. The briefing was to "design a new society" inwhich all generations are brought together. 4 teams at the faculty of Industrial Design, TU/e, worked on this challenge for 3 weeks towards a competition hosted by the "Keep an Eye Foundation", which was then displayed at the Dutch Design Week 2010.

Design Together with 3 other students, we designed a new type of conversational starter based on listening to personal recorded sounds and sharing memories and thoughts which are linked to these. The eventual system "Family Shell" consisted of 3 shells to record sounds with and a docking station. The sounds recorded would only be replayed when at least 2 shells were placed on the docking station together.

Caption (below) During the process, several documentaries were made in order to learn how to create a feeling of empathy. 2 documentaries were made together with other students, and 1 was made with an elderly person.

Team Ewelina Szymanska, Sippe Duisters, Stephan Hoes, Manon Spermon