Yves Florack
Industrial Designer

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Designing for Points of View

2010 Autumn (1 week)

Briefing Designing from another person's perspective is very difficult, but designing for another person's perspective is even more so. The goal was to take a skill with motor-perceptual and technical characteristics, to design something for another person who is not skilled in the initial mentioned skill, and to test the quality of the intended transferred feeling.

Design Having picked Snowboarding as my skill, I decided to focus on the cutting and transforming motion of the snowboard's edge in the snow, with an emphasis on the fact that the snowboard is an extension of your body limiting motion in your feet but also giving you the appropriate compensation concerning control. Thus, as a malleable material, food was chosen in the place of snow, and hand cutlery was chosen in the place of the snowboard.

Process The main idea of the module week was to design for points of view, thus each student was also given the task to create a short documentary of 3 different students (yourself and 2 others), specifically your own skill, someone else's skill and experiencing a 3rd person's design.

Team Mark Thielen, Sijme Geurts