Yves Florack
Industrial Designer

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Aesthetics of Reflection

2010 Autumn (1 week+)

Briefing Bring a household object, conceptually merge this with the objects that your teammates have brought, create a simple shape from this, model and paint this white, and finally explore the reflections which a light source creates when shone on this model.

Design With my team, we analysed the interaction within the scenario-of-use of 3 household objects (a shaver, a gluegun and a digital photocamera) and created an abstract form to communicate these different steps. Using a desklight, a projector and perspex, we explored the different effects and looked into how we could best communicate this with video. Our final model existed of 3 objects, 2 similar cone like shapes with a groove pattern, and a fitting handle.

Team Josje Wijnen, Martijn Kelderman