Yves Florack
Industrial Designer

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Aesthetics in Interaction

2008 Autumn (1 week) 20年11月

Briefing Exploring the Aesthetic value in a piece of Music (in this case Debussy's "Les Sons, Les Parfums, Les Couleurs se Repondent") and translating this into a Physical Interaction between Human and Product.

Design Together with a student from Tsukuba University and a student from the TU/e, we looked into the continuous movement and emotion in the music, and translated this into a 2-dimensional wave which can be moved from side to side, with mere gestures of the hand without actually touching it. We experienced the music as going back and forth, as if hesitating on making a decision, and the feel of the music felt as if the mind and the physical world are not entirely in touch with eachother, nearly dream-like.

Team Miho Aoki (青木 美歩), Gerrit Willem Vos